Sunday, November 16, 2014

Relaxing and productive weekend

I've been a busy, busy lady but let me fill you in about what's been going on here at PID Haiti. This week we've had a team of nurse midwives, labor and delivery nurses specialists, and Community health nurses here. They've been seeing pregnant patients of the local midwives (or fanm saj, in Creole) who took part in the PID Midwife Safe Birth Classes. A few male midwives (papi saj) also brought in their expectant mothers. Every midwife was included on at least a few of the consultations to reinforce what they learned in their trainings in previous months: identifying high-risk pregnancies and patients. We made use of our new maternity equipment including a very new ultrasound. 

As often happens, word got around to surrounding communities that nurses were here seeing female patients, so the team also ended up seeing a ton of sick babies and kids. Not exactly planned but the team was positive, flexible and tonight they told me they were happy to provide much needed medical services to the patients who came.

Saturday Alison and Lynn did a PID staff refresher class for emergency safe delivery. The staff really enjoyed the class and they really seem to be looking forward to learning more about delivery. One of the American nurses Lynn came with her husband John who has been really helpful in tackling several construction projects around the clinic campus. Gale left on Friday but she and I both noticed that this team has been such an energetic and generous group. I will try to post pictures before they leave! They are the first team that has come since I've started my position here, so its been especially fun to have them.

After dinner they told me that they really enjoyed the beach trip today. That's not hard to believe, it was a gorgeous day. Today Abdias and I hung out here at the clinic with team members Donna and Mara until it was time to take them to the airport to head back to the US. The rest of the team is resting and gearing up for their last work day tomorrow. 

I'll check back in soon! 


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