Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rainy afternoons and beading with kids

The team has done two full days in the village. Dr. Liam and his son are working hard seeing patients all day long. He is even using acupuncture with some people. They are a little hesitant at first, but afterwards are impressed by the results.

The construction crew continues work on the house in Desierto. They are now transporting cement blocks to the house. It is a loooooong path from where the materials get dropped off to the construction site - they counted 300 steps!!

The afternoons are somewhat rainy so we have been doing crafts with the kids (see pictures below). Eliara is working hard putting sealants on the teeth of children and getting sponsored kids in to see the dentist. Rachel is leaving today after a month of interning. We will miss her friendly attitude and enthusiasm. She has helped out a lot with the after school program and english classes. She was also doing fecal samples and looking for parasites.

Gene and his daughter Rebecca are having a good time catching up with old friends (well Rebecca is meeting them) as well as interviewing staff to see how the PID programs are running.

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