Monday, June 23, 2014

A new week

Another week has begun at PID Guatemala. The knitters continue to press Cynthia with their skill level and perseverance. The construction crew worked hard this morning firat transporting the materials and then mixing and pouring cement for the foundation of the house. Below are some pictures from the construction site (the house where the family lives currently, team members digging, and two curious kids watching the ladies work). Rain came early today so they didn't make it to the site after lunch. The teenage girls got a knitting lesson from Cynthia and the ladies and I ventured into the rain to visit Marcelina and learn how to make tortillas. Our skill level was not very impressive at first, but I think we definitely got better. Marcelina told us that she makes about 100 tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner to feed the 16 people that live in her house. She definitely has a lot more experience than we do since she makes about 300 every day! We were impressed.

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