Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Update from Haiti

This past week was a very busy one in Haiti! Sandra and Tali came down with the group and we spent 4 days together, Tali as Gale's replacement while she's in surgery, and Sandra learning my job as I train her. This meant 4 days of meetings around the clock. But it was great, we got a lot done, and I really enjoyed working with Sandra and Tali.

We also had a team! Alison and Lynn taught a midwife class to a new group of students, mostly from Bon Repos. The class was a success, as always. Sara, a nurse midwife, also came and saw women in the clinic each day, both pregnant and of child-bearing age. Sean, John, Andy, and Jonathan did construction- John, Jonathan, and Andy out at the Blanchard site working on the house, and Sean working on some carpentry projects that were long overdue- a desk for Mr. Genois in the new admin building, and new shelves for the lab. Andy also helped out with some organizing and inventory. It was a great week with the team and we got a lot of different things done.

Today we said goodbye to the above team, and hello to Upper Iowa University! Together with the Iowa team is two team members who will be running a yoga program for the kids, and Patrick!! who all the staff here missed very much. We are all looking forward to a great week together!

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