Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well child checkups off to a great start

Yesterday, Tamara, Margo, and the UMass Dartmouth team had their first day of work. Tamara is replacing Dr. Paul this week as he works with Guetchine on several projects, including our public health licence. The team is doing well child checkups for 350 of our sponsored kids this week, and they are off to a great start for their first two days. The UMD students prepared fantastic take-home well child care cards, which were filled out at their well child visit, and children and families were instructed to keep the card and bring it back for future clinic visits and well child visits. We set up a waiting area in the eating area, where while the kids waited, they were given education on various topics, including dental care and hygiene. When they left, they were each given a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bar of soap.

The students have been learning so much, while working with kids in the well child clinic, and sick people of all ages in the clinic. Today we had a patient who was 130 years old!

Some of the students went out to construction each day, and worked on the last single house in Blanchard. They started putting blocks up, and worked on sifting. They enjoyed being out in the neighborhood.

After work yesterday, the team went out for a walking tour of Blanchard and saw all the PID houses in the area. They got to meet some of the families, including Rosemarie, who took everyone inside her house.

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