Friday, March 7, 2014

Gordon College team arrives

The team left on Sunday, except Andrew who left on Tuesday. They had a great week. The midwife classes went well, and 21 new midwives, nurses, and other interested students from the Blanchard area have a whole new set of knowledge about doing safe births and received birth kits and certificates. Andrew, Nicole, and Claudia spent the week working hard in the clinic, and Emma split up her time helping out with triage in the mornings and construction in the afternoons. The office building is coming along great! We can't wait for it because the clinic is so crowded when there are multiple practitioners! One day we had every clinic room occupied, triage out in the hall, and even a patient on IV in the sponsorship office.

Today the Gordon college team arrived. They unpacked all the supplies they had brought down in PID suitcases. Those who've come before were shocked to see all the work that had been done on the PID compound since last year! The new eating area is done, Paul will be screening it in and putting screen doors on it, and the team will be painting it. The team will also be going to work in Canaan, starting by filling in the foundation for the 4th duplex. I am looking forward to a great week with the team.

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