Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye to one team, hello to the next

The team left on Sunday. They were a great group and had a great rest of the week. The construction crew finished the foundation out in Canaan and the medical crew saw a lot of patients. On Friday, we were very excited because Katie, one of the students in the group, her dad is a dentist, and he came to visit and spend the day! He was able to pull teeth for 10 patients! We are so grateful because a dentist is so badly needed here. After work on Friday, the team went out on a tour downtown. On Saturday, the team enjoyed their last day relaxing on the beach. Some of the team members enjoyed some special moments meeting their sponsored child for the first time. On Saturday night, Mr. Genois stopped by to thank the group for all their hard work and explain about PID's programs, specifically the sponsorship program. It was many of the group members' first time to Haiti, and everyone went home learning a lot and taking home lots of new experiences.

This week there is a new team, some of who arrived on Friday and others who arrived on Sunday. Alison and Barbara, a midwife, are teaching a midwife class to a group of 21 students, mostly from Blanchard. The nurses, Andrew and Nicole, worked in the clinic with Claudia in the emergency room, triage, and seeing patients. We look forward to a fun and productive week together.

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