Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pictures from Team Members

Yesterday was a very busy day at the clinic! After seeing over 60 patients we piled into the PID car to go and visit the newest village of Saquiy where PID is working. Laurel and Sarah made some house visits to women who were suffering various ailments. Judy was even called in for some counseling for a woman who loses consciousness when she gets angry. It was a great little tour and even though the construction team had to wait a little longer for dinner, it was worth it!

We had our final meeting last night and everyone shared a favorite memory or two from the week. Things from smiling children, to providing excellent care to how the women smell of fresh tortillas after lunch. This was a great group and they are already planning next year's trip together =)

Today we head to Antigua to tour the city and buy some souvenirs.

Here are some pictures from team members that were emailed to me.

"Mas mix!"

Adelaida and Raymunda

Judy with her guatemalan grandchildren

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