Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mid-week field trip!

The clinic continues seeing patients. Tuesday and Wednesday our Guatemalan doctor Angelica was here so we had three doctors attending over 65 patients each day.

Pat and Julie working in the lab

The construction team has finished digging the foundation for the bathroom and now has moved on to bigger and better things! They are now laying the blocks for the walls on the house and the bathroom.

Three of the daughters of the family that will be living in the house are really helping the team by transporting the sand from where it gets dropped off to the worksite. They work all day long going back and forth with wheelbarrows and a huge smile on their faces.

Yolanda getting a little help from Pat going up the rocky path

children from Desierto that hang out around the worksite
 The clinic staff took a field trip over to Desierto yesterday afternoon to see where the other part of the team is working. Martha and her tennis team sponsor a little girl named Enmy and we were able to find her house and eventually her down in the river washing clothes.

Hilaria - another sponsored child - heading to the river to wash clothes

Enmy and Martha

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