Monday, January 6, 2014

Everyone is finally here!

Today, the rest of the St Joe's team arrived and so did Heroina, who will spend the week with us here at PID. We are so happy for everyone to finally be here all together!

It was the team's first day of work. Some team members went to Canaan, where they worked on digging the foundation for the next house. Other team members went to the site in Blanchard, where they are working on the foundation for the last house on our Blanchard land. They dug holes in all the corners of the house, where we will put rebar and pour cement. Kelly, Margaret, and Heroina stayed at PID to work in the clinic. They helped out in triage and wound care.

Stephen met with the directors about a glass cutting business that would be a great small business for a few people, where they could learn how to make shards of broken glass turn into beautiful gemstones that could be made into jewelry that can be sold. Stephen brought down all the equipment needed for this process and Ken built a workshop in the old medical depot. Stephen showed us how it works and the directors got to try their hands at it. We are very impressed! During this week, Stephen will be giving classes to a few people we have chosen who would like to try this business. Here is a photo of the glass cutting workshop:

Here is a couple pictures of the new medical depot! On Saturday the St Joe's students helped Martha move all the meds over and set them up on the shelves by category according to Jimmy's instructions. Jimmy was impressed when he saw how great it looks today!

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