Thursday, December 26, 2013

The team of 12 arrived safely to Haiti yesterday on Christmas day.  Today some members of the team dug right in helping Dru and Billy hold a Christmas party at the PID compound for about 40 children who are on the waiting list for sponsorship.  The kids did some crafts, played games, had lunch and were given a bag full of Christmas gifts. The team also went to 2 orphanages today to bring Christmas presents, food and crafts.  Dru and Billy were happy we arrived because we came with bags full of toys and clothing to give out at the parties!  Others on the team went to the construction site to continue working on a house for a family in our program. I believe they said they did a lot of sand sifting and mortar mixing!  We also had one RN (Holly) and a PT (Linda) who worked in the clinic, in addition to helping out with the Christmas party in the afternoon.  Lastly, Bill and Ken started to put shelving in the Medicine Depot room that is part of our new Administration building. It will be wonderful once we are able to put all the medicine and medial supplies in this new location.  What a busy first day!

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