Thursday, December 5, 2013

Team's first day of work

The team had a great first day of work today. The team split up and got so much done. Some team members headed out to the construction site in Blanchard where they are working on laying down the cement floor on the next house. They spent most of the day hauling buckets of cement. 

Others stayed back at the PID compound and were busy unpacking the barrels that came in last night, sorting donations for the Christmas party, and packing the backpacks that each child will receive full of school supplies and toys. They already got about half the backpacks done today! 

Meanwhile, Brad, Peter, and Brian are working hard on some new clinic improvements that we need in order to get our more permanent MSPP license, including a shower/bath area to bathe babies and children who have high fevers and a new lab, which will be set up in the wound care room according to MSPP requirements. Today they spent much of their time at the hardware store getting materials and supplies. 

In the clinic, Judith and Bob helped Dr. Paul in the clinic by seeing sick patients while Dr. Paul saw the pregnant women. Mary Ann spent the day bagging vitamins to give out to the sponsored children at the party. 

After dinner, the team was still busy working. They bagged the candy for the children at the Christmas party.

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