Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sponsored Children's Christmas Party: Day 1

Today, 120 sponsored kids ages 0-8 came for the first day of the sponsorship Christmas parties here in Haiti. Everyone gathered on the benches for a song and prayer before the festivities began. Genois, Martha, and I introduced the group to the sponsored kids and their parents, and Martha greeted everyone in the name of all the sponsors. The children and their parents responded, saying they are so happy to see us, thank you and God bless you to all the sponsors and everyone who made this day possible. Each child took a photo and wrote a letter to their sponsors, and played games in the yard. After, they each received a backpack complete with 3 notebooks, toys, a brownie, popcorn, vitamins, and either a dress for the girls or a shirt or pants for the boys. After receiving the gift, they enjoyed a meal of rice and beans with chicken and juice. It was a great day filled with fun for everyone. It was also filled with many special moments as sponsors got to meet their sponsored children and give them gifts that they had brought down for them, or for their friends' sponsored children.

In addition to the Christmas party, the guys finished up the baby fever shower and worked on the lab divider. It's amazing how much they were able to build in just 3 days!! The new lab looks amazing already. Pictures soon, internet permitting.

After dinner tonight, some of the crew baked brownies and made popcorn to give out to the kids at tomorrow's party. Saintilia and the ladies were preparing the meat for tomorrow's party. We sang Christmas carols while we worked, then Saintilia and the ladies sang a few Haitian Christmas songs for us.

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