Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The benefit and beyond

The Benefit was a great success. We will have the final results in about another week as a few donations and sales will continue to trickle in. We are close to reaching our goal of 50,000 but not quite there. 

If you would like to know more about the third country please go to the website to find the exact location of where we will be working in the US. 

I arrived in Haiti yesterday to a bit of sad news. Last week we received our first cholera case since 2010. The directors said very sick people came into the clinic last week but the staff was quick and efficient in dealing with it.

 Dr Paul maintain his regular smile as the staff gears up to do cholera teaching in the area. 

Dr Sem and Esther , our pharmacist , were married on Oct 26 . Esther will no longer be working at the clinic as they moved from the area. 

The Administration building continues to progress as the roof went up yesterday. 
It looks beautiful. We can't wait til it is finished. Then we will have added space for medical use. 

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