Saturday, November 16, 2013


Late this afternoon I will leave Haiti. This is yet another transition time for PID as I 
Continue to readjust my travel to pre earthquake schedule and to spend more time in our new location in Mississippi and Pine Ridge. It will be very nice to spend more time with my family. 

The staff in Haiti continues to grow and develop the programs one step at a time. 
We will be adding a new pharmacy person soon and working on some new lab tests. Today will be the first day of our new diabetic medicine access program. Because of limited medicine funding we can only offer 80 Diabetics free medications.  We came up with an idea to offer those on the waiting list an opportunity to buy the medicine at our costs. Samuel, Dr Paul and the staff are excited . It will cost each person $1.30 instead of $7.00 a month.  They will still have access to free care at the clinic 
And the other available meds . 

I look forward to beginning this new program in Glendora, Mississippi . This will be the first trip I will be able to give out more information. No more secrets- not that I was very good at it. 

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