Friday, October 18, 2013

Update from Haiti

In Haiti, work in Canaan continues as the Haitian workers are finishing up a latrine for the four families who recently moved in to the finished houses. 

We are all missing Patrick. He worked so hard and got so much done while he was here. From shelves, chairs, tables, and cabinets, to a countertop to hold the new kitchen sink, he built something for just about every section of PID. We had a little party for him on his last day.

Currently Alison and Lynn are here. They will be doing a midwife class for a new group of midwives, mostly from Bon Repos starting Monday. The class is so popular and needed, the sign ups filled up to over the max of 20 students right away, we are already starting signups for next session when they will return. 

Yesterday Genois took Alison and I to a new location for a mobile clinic called Molhea. It's a very poor community right by the dump. The houses are all made of tarp and tin and the water is polluted by the dump. The people there have lots of need and no medical care. They were very grateful for the clinic, and because we had to turn so many people away, we offered to return on Saturday so we can see the rest of the patients. 

Today we closed early the clinic a little early for Lynn to provide some education for our staff. Lynn offered some education to our staff about women's health, vaginal infections, and STDs. It was a lively dialogue, and Lynn was able to answer all of our burning questions.

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