Monday, September 9, 2013

What's going on in Guatemala?

Things have been pretty quiet here in the clinic recently since it has been over a month since our last team. But even amidst the quiet we have been quite busy! The children in our sponsorship program went home very happy this month because I bought them each a box of cornflakes to go along with their monthly food distribution. I love seeing their smiling faces as they leave hugging their box of cereal.

This Thursday some of the sponsored kids will come to the clinic and get tested for learning disabilities. We are trying to find ways to help the kids in our program that are struggling in school. Hopefully once we identify the ones with learning disabilities we will be able to find them special help with their homework.

Our dental student is working one day a week at the clinic and lots of the sponsored kids are getting their teeth worked on. We even let in some adults who are really suffering from an infected tooth.

Our newest project is developing a new program for the children born with cleft lip and palate. Our five kids are doing well and staying healthy and happy. Within the next month or so we will be bringing two of them to Antigua for operations.

Wilfredo Emanuel - 3 months old

Paulita - one year old

Carlitos - one year four months old

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