Wednesday, September 25, 2013


***UPDATE*** Karla has been sponsored!! Thank you Ben and Jodi, and Jon and Jenna for your gracious donation to help little Karla have a better life. 

Karla Yaneth Cochoy Perez
Born August 21, 2013

Yesterday Karla came into the clinic with her mom and aunt. She is is one month old and is very malnourished. She weighs only 5.5 pounds with clothes on! She was born with a cleft palate and some unknown congenital problems. An ultrasound showed that she is possibly missing her left kidney and she has rotoscoliosis of the spine. She has five older brothers and the oldest is 12 years old. Karla’s father works as a day laborer and her mother stays at home with the children. The family lives with the mother’s sister and there are a total of 12 people living in a one room concrete house with a tin roof and cement floor. The house has electricity and a bathroom but no running water. Because of her cleft palate Karla is not able to nurse properly and must drink formula from a bottle. She needs two sponsors to cover the cost of milk and the medical exams and therapies that she will need as she grows.

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