Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday in Antigua

Yesterday I traveled to Antigua with our five cleft lip / palate children and their moms for consultation with a surgeon. We are going to start using Dr. Asensio for the operations instead of relying on medical teams coming down so that we have more continuity of care for the kids.

I met up with the women in central park and we piled into two cars and headed towards Antigua. I had a chance to talk with Dr. Asensio and share about the work that P.I.D. does and he was very generous in setting a low price for the surgeries. He saw each of the patients and we now have a treatment plan with what comes next for each child. I learned a lot about cleft lips and palates and all the necessary steps to fully repair the damage.

After the consultation we took the ladies out to lunch at Pollo Campero. Then we visited a local church where each of women prayed asking God for help and health for their child. It was a very nice thing to be a part of.

Carlos looking super cool in my shades

Carlos with his mom Maria and Paula with her mom Paula

Me with Maria Cristina and Wilfredo - our youngest cleft lip baby

Me with Kevin and his mom Juana and Estefany

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