Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mm Mm Good!

Hello world!

Today the team had an awesome day working. The third home foundation is almost completed and tomorrow we are going to start filling in the holes and start building some walls. Our new team members, Trace and Jake are wonderful workers. Jake was the first person to pick up a pickaxe and start working. He actually won first prize for the best picker of the day! The haitians were extremely satisfied with his work and love his dedication and endurance.

Two UConn team members stayed behind to work in the clinic's pharmacy to help organize the medicine supplies and observe the day to day job of the clinical staffs.

Dinner was delicious, as always. We had fried chicken, rice and beans soup, and beet salad. Yum, yum!

Until next time,

Written by Patrick and Carline :)

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