Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Growing pains

Right now i feel more tired than i can believe. i cant tell if it is age or just tiredness from working such a long day. Today we continued to have meetings from early morning until 5 minutes ago. We have a new security as well as strategic plan. We have been stretched to our limit with the original organization plan and now we need to move forward. Haiti is always challenging but now it is also so much more complicated with the continued growth. 
This week English classes taught by Jimmy and Holly, two interns, continue to flourish and grow. Now we have to work on a more permanent model. 

Patrick, a long term intern, continues to amaze us will his ability to fix everything and come up with new ideas. 

Zach , another intern, continues to work on would care and in the emergency room. 

Lizzy, back from vacation seems to back to normal already . 

The team is doing a great job. 

In the morning I leave for Guatemala. This has been as successful trip. We also received great news that Michele in the US office had a baby boy today, one month early. Mom and baby are doing well. 

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