Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Will this be the next place for PID

Yesterday I drove about 3  hours to have a meeting. At the meeting I talked for  3 1/2 hours to see if PID might be a good match for the area. Tom , the person I meet with was very interested in PID. He wanted to know when I could come back again. My feeling was that development is not a part of the current way of thinking for this area. So it will take a little while for him to process everything that we talked about yesterday.  I drove back and took a different route and viewed many other villages. I saw  the village that I hope PID will start working in if we decide to work here. At night I attended another meeting and heard more about the culture and how people meet their needs.

Today I spent 2 more hours talking to people about needs in the villages. They were very enthusiastic . But I still wasn't finding a contact for the village I want to work in. I was excited because I one person I spoke with had a relative there. Hopefully I will have time to meet with her before I leave.

This is an interesting trip. I forgot what it is like to go to a new place, where you don't know anyone and try to make contact. Last time was in Guatemala in 2005. Last time I had Tali and Marcelin with me , this time I am alone.

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