Thursday, June 20, 2013

Team's first day of work and a frustrating day at the hospital

This morning the team got a clinic tour and met all the staff before everyone split up and went to work. Many McMurry students headed out to Canaan to work on the foundation of the second Canaan duplex. Others stayed in the clinic and worked hard in triage, with Dr. Paul, and with Gena and Liz on pregnancy day. My mom and Marlis helped out in the pharmacy in the morning and ran their first day of the children's program in the afternoon. The kids all made t-shirts with fabric paint and had a great time.

Jimmy and I took one very sick little girl in our program who needs surgery to the hospital today. The last hospital we took her to with Dr. Rick had referred us here because they cannot do the surgery. At our last visit to this other hospital, they had given us hope that their Haitian surgeon would be able to perform the operation, and had given us an appointment at 2:00 today to meet with the surgeon. When we arrived at 2:00, they told us the doctor doesn't come in until 4:00. We waited. At about 4:20, the doctor strolls in and starts seeing all the other patients first. When they finally called us, he gave us about 5 minutes of his time, long enough to tell us that he is not a pediatric surgeon, that we should try the General Hospital or St. Damien instead. Although discouraged, we will not give up. We will try calling St Damien's tomorrow.

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