Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Raining in the morning and raining in the evening...

The team woke up this morning to a cloudy day. It rained a little during breakfast, but they all put on their ponchos, boarded the chicken bus and came to the village for their first full day of work.

The water filter crew worked all day sifting and washing sand. The VBS team prepared crafts and taught the leaders group various games and songs that they will be doing this week.

The sun did come out around mid-morning and it was hot and sunny most of the day. After lunch I took them on a tour of the village and showed them some houses that PID has built and some homes where sponsored children live.

In the afternoon it started to rain a little again which was a welcome relief after working in the hot sun. They put their ponchos back on and walked up to the highway to catch the bus back to the hotel. And I think they got back just in time because it is now pouring!

Gale arrives tonight and the whole village and excited to see her. Many people came today asking for her. She is well loved here in Concepcion Ixtacapa.

Julie and Rachael continue their work on the parasite study. Today was their first day looking at samples and they were surprised when they didn't find many people infected, but those that were infected were highly infected!

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