Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Successful Day

Today the VBS crew ran their first day of activities for the children. They had 20 little munchkins (ages 3-5) in the morning and 50 kids (ages 5-12) in the afternoon. Everything went really well and I think they team members enjoyed themselves. Although they did get a little wet at the end of the day.

The filter team continued sifting and washing sand. Some also got the opportunity to go out into village homes and install the water filters.

Arrived safely late last night and was greeted warmly here at the clinic. She got the chance to go over a few things with me and with Julie and Rachael regarding the parasite study. We explained the study to all the PID staff and everyone got to view some samples of parasites in the microscopes.

Our newest cleft lip baby also stopped by the clinic to visit and get weighed. He is getting bigger each week! I also gave the family more formula. 

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