Saturday, June 8, 2013

A family moves in

Today was an exciting day. Some of the team went out to Canaan for the morning, while the nursing and pre-med students stayed back at the PID clinic with Dr. Andy and Jodi doing well child checkups for over 100 sponsored kids.

In the afternoon, I took them for a tour of the PID houses in Blanchard. The tour ended with the group, along with the help of some of the neighborhood kids, cleaning out and preparing one of the Blanchard houses for a family to move in today. It's always an exciting time when we are able to give a family a house. This family is from a very dangerous area of Cite Soleil. We bought some rice, beans, oil, and other food items for them as a housewarming gift and to set off any of their moving costs. We helped them move all their stuff in and Genois led a prayer with the family. Tonight they will sleep in a beautiful PID concrete house in a safe area. The family couldn't stop thanking us, PID, and everyone who has worked with PID to make this possible. They are so grateful. They asked that God bless PID and God bless everyone who has worked on this house, other PID houses, and on future PID houses.

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