Monday, June 24, 2013

A busy Monday

On Sunday, Marceline took the team to church, to the beach, then out to eat at Epidor. They had a great relaxing day off.

Today, the team was back at work. The McMurry students are switching off with construction, clinic, and yoga. Gena had her hands full with a lot of sick patients in the clinic today, starting in the ER before she had finished breakfast. The yoga kids all had a great time, making tissue paper flowers and animal masks. The construction crew is making a lot of progress on the foundation.

After a busy day of work, Madame Pavelus joined the team for tonight's evening meeting. She shared some words with the group about the history of Haiti and how PID has helped her. She told the team her story when after the earthquake she was sleeping out in the street because her house fell down, and she was pregnant, and her daughter was very sick. She told everyone about how PID built the house for her and nurse Gena gave life-saving nebulizer treatments to her daughter, as she had no money to go to another hospital. She thanked the team, her PID family, for their hard work this week and for everything they are doing for the poorest of the poor.

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