Sunday, May 26, 2013

Who cleaned the kitchen or was it the car?

Today while the team went to the beach I stayed behind to work. I ended up cleaning the kitchen which is usually what I do every couple of months. The staff does an excellent job cleaning but I do it to see if they have enough potholders, utensils, plates, cups and other necessities. Doing it reminds me of how hard the Haitian ladies work cooking  and cleaning when teams are here. Santillia works everyday for 12 hours with her helpers. Her legs hurt and so does her back but she keeps on going.  Some days she does breakfast, lunch and dinner for the team and then cooks for the children's program . Yesterday I looked out back and will we were eating dinner she was washing Lizzy's car. If you would like to see Santillia go to UTUBE and type in Partners in Development Haiti housing and you will see this amazing lady in person. Santilla cleans everything.

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