Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A sad baby, a new house, another committee meeting and a birthday party

Today a little boy came into the clinic. He was a year old and he weighed 10 1/2 pounds. He is starving. When I looked at the little boy's face he was so sweet and his eyes so round, I wanted to cry. He doesn't deserve the life he has been given. His mother died shortly after child birth. He get passed around the family so all take care of him but no one really at all. He has fallen through the cracks. We have required him to come in 3 times a week now and be fed in front of us to see if we can make a difference. I am hoping that in two weeks we will see a big change.

The team had their last day and continued to work on the new house in Canaan. It is looking quite nice and two families will be very happy to live there very soon. However, it is a very hard place to live and to work. It is hard to do this job without John. He was the one who negotatied with the committee. He was the one who knew them the best. Tomorrow we will meet with the committee again to try to work out all the details.

Tonight we had a farewell meeting. Team members shared about their experiences. Mr Genois explained the programs. Sanitallia , Vania and Alexandra, sang and danced as we presented Lizzy with a birthday cake. This is her second birthday in Haiti. Happy Birthday Lizzy!

The meeting ended with one of the nicest comments that I have heard. One of the team members who worked the hardest of all according to the team, a tiny woman, had bruises on her legs. I said, "Sorry about all the bruises."  She said, " These are here as my honor."  I should not be amazed by the quality of people traveling with us, but I always am.

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