Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A hard week and a great team

Today was the team's last work day. The team has done a great job this week, working hard both in the clinic and out on mobile clinics every day. The team members working construction out in Canaan worked extra hard in memory of John. The foundation is almost finished. Today's mobile clinic was out in Canaan so the medical group could see the construction group's work site and progress. It was a very difficult week for all of the staff here at PID, but the team was exceptionally flexible, cooperative, and hard-working throughout it all, and we thank them so much. Mr. Genois stopped by this evening's team meeting to extend a special thanks to the team in John's name and the name of all the PID leaders.

Gargi arrived on Sunday with 7 psychology students who will be here 10 days doing counseling here at PID. Monday they did a class for the staff on stress coping and relaxation techniques, and today they began working with our hypertension patients. They look forward to a great week offering much needed counseling services here at our clinic.

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