Thursday, May 23, 2013

A great first day with a few showers

The team had a really great first day. Suze started seeing patients in the clinic and was able to see around 30 today. Things went really smoothly and she worked well with Maria our translator. The rest of the team was working outside. Miguel and his filter crew installed 2 filters with families of sponsored children. The construction team did a lot of hauling materials - which means moving a pile of sand/blocks/cement/rocks to the construction site and making a new pile of sand/blocks/cement/rocks. We enjoyed a lunch cooked by Marcelina, a woman in the village. In the afternoon it was back to work and a few of the education students helped Daniela with her after school tutoring classes. During lunch there was a little rain shower which lasted for about 15 minutes and cooled things down for the afternoon. The team made it back to the hotel before the real heavy rain started.

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