Thursday, April 11, 2013

Waiting for the next team

A new team will arrive today in Guatemala. Here in the clinic we are preparing things and getting ready. Doctors John and Kate have been here since Monday and are a great addition to our clinic team. I am glad that they will be here for two more weeks.

This team will be working on water filters, building a house for a family in our program, painting some finished houses, doing a craft program with kids and working in the clinic. It is going to be a busy week but I am excited for all that will get accomplished. 

Shelby is back and the kids are happy to see her. She continues work on our database and after school tutoring for kids in our program. Daniela is working hard planning her lessons for English classes and helping Marcelina and her family take care of their new puppy- which she affectionately calls Beans.

Our most recent team in March worked on building a house for Vanessa and Jackson's family (two sponsored kids). Here are some pictures that Shelby took yesterday.

old and new side by side

one of the daughters - Amabilia

a drastic difference in living conditions

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