Thursday, April 18, 2013

Going home barefoot

On Tuesday the team continued their work in the village. The children's program made the cutest pom-pom bunnies. The construction crew kept working really hard in the hot sun. And the water filter bunch installed two filters and built quite a few more.

We had a special visit from a group of Rotary Club members from Maine. They were on a tour of Guatemala visiting different projects that Rotary has sponsored over the years. I gave them a tour of the clinic and a presentation about PID and what we do in the village. We all ate lunch together and afterwards I took them around the village to see some things that Rotary was directly involved in. In the evening we had a large crew for dinner - the PID team, the Rotary members from Maine and some local Rotarians from Mazatenango. It was a fun evening of fellowship and we got some business done as well in terms of a water filter grant we are working on.

Wednesday was the team's last day working in the village. There were some sad goodbyes and many team members made the walk out to catch the bus barefoot because they left their shoes as donations with the kids and adults of the village. It is truly touching to me as the director to see such selflessness in the team members - especially the younger ones. After an early dinner they loaded into the vans and headed to Guatemala City where they will spend the night at a hostel near the airport to be ready for their early flight home tomorrow morning.

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