Thursday, March 7, 2013

Off again

Being home for two weeks has been great. We had a great Annual Celebration with over 100 people in attendance . We added new shelves in our warehouse, compliments of Gordon College and a great team of workers. I interviewed new interns for Haiti and Guatemala. We also welcomed many new volunteers at the office.

I met with Senior students from Bradford Christian Academy to talk about the work of PID. This week we had our first meeting of the Research and Development Committee ( more exciting news about this later) .

Now I am off to Guatemala to work with a new medical team and to have our first dentist work in our clinic dental suite, sponsored by the
Kennebunk Rotary Club with clean, useable water from the tap with help from Poland Springs. Next week brings our first nursing students from Endicott College to the Guatemalan program.

Next week I will fly to Haiti to have a brief
Visit with Dr Tamara, our sickle cell specialist and to see the nursing team from U Mass Darmouth. I will also get
To welcome Dr Paul , our new doctor at the clinic who started training this week with Dr. Sem , who will be leaving PID after 3 great years.

At home, Michele will speak at the Manchester High School . Sadly, I will
miss the Suzuki Concert in Ipswich. Most years I am here to attend but this year I will be in Guatemala. This year marks
The 20th year of this benefit concert
Which sponsors 3 children from Haiti.
It is a great concert if you can attend.

You could say we are very busy at
PID but mostly we are happy and blessed to be able to do this work!

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