Saturday, March 9, 2013

Moving Forward

Yesterday during our time at the clinic in Guatemala ,a local lab owner and microbiologist came in for a visit. It was the first time she had come to the clinic. She came with Maria. I had a great talk with her. I am very excited because she will come to volunteer this week to help in the lab . She also is very interested in diabetes and so while we work in the lab together we will go over diabetes and how it presents itself in Guatemala and the work of our current diabetic program. Two of our graduated leaders have expressed a desire to work in the lab and so they will work with me and learn the instant tests. The microbiologist will work with them on the microscope. For all of you who know the leaders it is Marta and Keily( the older one).

Today we continued to shop for supplies and get everything ready for the team. We will have a mobile clinic in a church in Desierto next week in addition to our home clinic. Tomorrow we will set up the clinic with the help of women from Desierto who have offered to come and clean for us. I hope we will be able to get everything done tomorrow. I am looking forward to a great week. 

The first team member has arrived in Haiti. They are looking forward to a great week too. 

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  1. Having been to Haiti 4 times now I am so in love with the people and the place. I would love though to learn more about the medical clinic(s) in Guatamala and what the RN's roles are there. Where can I get more detailed information/photos/medical trip information? Thanks!