Saturday, March 23, 2013

Last days for UMass team

Gale finally arrived in Haiti yesterday after lots of plane delays, only to leave this morning. She was able to meet the team, who summarized their week and told her about their experiences during last night's debrief meeting.

The UMass team enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach and had the opportunity to see another side of Haiti. While at the beach, they got some good news about one of our patients. We happened to recognize some of the staff they had met at St. Damien's, where they had brought a young boy who was having seizures after a head trauma. We had assumed the boy wouldn't make it, but we were all exremely to hear that he was doing well and discharged from the hospital and walked out the next day.

Mr. Genois closed out the week with the team by speaking to them about PID and thanking them for the work they have done. The team was very curious about the sponsorship program and he spent a lot of time explaining how it works and answering the students' questions. The team members who are sponsoring children were so happy to have the opportunity to spend time with their sponsored children this week.

Although the team is leaving tomorrow, they are not done working yet. They are all up late bagging 450 vitamins for the sponsorship kids.

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