Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dr. Sem's last day

Friday was an emotional day as it was Dr. Sem's last day with PID. He has worked for us for 3 great years providing excellent medical service to all our patients who come from not only the Blanchard community, but all over Haiti, some very far. He requested that we don't have a party for him, so we just had a small ceremony for him with all the staff. Each of the directors said a few words, thanking Dr. Sem for all his hard work and care for the patients and dedication to PID, while officially welcoming Dr. Paul. Dr. Sem said a few final words to everyone and ceremonially passed the stethescope to Dr. Paul, symbolising the passing on of his responsibilities to him. We will miss Dr. Sem, but we are looking forward to moving forward and growing together with Dr. Paul.

The team had a great last day of work on Friday, and were able to enjoy a day of relaxation at the beach today. Mr. Genois came this evening for tonight's last meeting with the team and thanked everyone for all of their hard work. We will be saying good-bye to some of the team members tomorrow, while others will be staying one more week.

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