Monday, February 18, 2013

Team's first day of work in Haiti

This morning the team that arrived yesterday went on a tour of the clinic and met our staff before they began work. The construction team members headed out to the construction site for their first day of construction. The two doctors and nurse began work in the clinic. They had a busy day and saw lots of patients with all different complaints, ranging from the baby that was born at the clinic yesterday having trouble breastfeeding to a teenage boy who is growing breasts. The ladies who came to do the yoga program for the kids spent the morning planning with Showty, and held a yoga class for the kids in the Blanchard area in the afternoon. They were very impressed with Showty and said, "he doesn't even need us."
This afternoon, the rest of the team members arrived. They were able to get a clinic tour and meet/reunite with the staff. The construction team members started work right away, sifting and preparing to resume construction on the new Administration building by digging out the holes for the corners of the foundation. We are all so excited for this office to begin, as it is badly needed.
The team had a great first day and we look forward to an awesome week together.

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