Monday, February 18, 2013

Guatemala Day One

WE really got a lot done today. My first surprise was walking into the clinic and seeing a large group of people outback being trained so they could receive a water filter. Miquel, our new water supervisor was there teaching them .  More and more people continued to join the group. IN spite of all the teaching and training we have done we still are convinced that we need to update the training and continue checking the water filters until we are convinced that each person that has one knows how to use it correctly and is using it correctly.

After a great training with Shelby on being a team leader we set out to do many errands. Although Shelby had told her after school kids there would be no tutoring classes today, we received a call that they still showed up. I took that as a good sign that they like coming to her classes.  On returning from the errands , I looked out in back of the clinic and saw yet another group meeting. This was an adult literacy class and there were men and women alike studying letters. It is great to see all of this activity happening on the back patio of the clinic.

Inside Meli stocked the pharmacy shelves with the medicine that we brought back and got the rooms ready for the team coming tomorrow. The clinic looks really beautiful, inside and out but it will receive a new coat of paint inside this week. The dental room is ready and waiting for a light bulb!!

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