Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Arrived safely in Haiti

Through an accident, more like a comedy of errors. I arrived safely in Haiti without my carry on and therefore only the clothes on my back. In the 35 min lay over in NY
I was able to purchase to purple t shirts that say I love NY. Fortunately a similar event happened to me after the earthquake ( arriving with out essential) so I am well trained:-). Life is very funny and gives us many opportunities to laugh - especially at ourselves!


  1. I would love to hear how THAT happened!! Did you lose your knitting too?

  2. Hi Gale - glad all is well. I am going to Haiti in April for 6 weeks to work with a bank/microfinance institution. Would love to catch up with you before I go and maybe see the PID work in action when I am there (and maybe help out on the weekends...depending on how intense my assignment is...) Chris

  3. The good I see in this is that you look terrific in purple! Love to everyone in Haiti. Here's to hoping budgets are being tracked!