Thursday, February 21, 2013

A great work day and a home visit

Today was another great day for the team here in Haiti. The team members working on construction are passing lots of rocks and buckets of cement, making great progress on the new office building. The kids program continues to be a success for the kids from Cite Soleil and the orphanage. The doctors and nurses had another long day in the clinic, working an hour and a half later than we typically close.

After work, Dr. Terry, Carrie, Mr. Genois and I did a home visit for the man that Carrie sponsors. He is an older man who has been severely handicapped due to a stroke. His wife and children were so thankful for the visit. They really appreciate the sponsorship and were so glad to meet his sponsor. Dr. Terry checked his blood pressure, asked the family a few questions, and wrote a plan of care out for him. His wife was very appreciative for the Doctor's care, and was ready to do whatever it takes to give her husband the best care. While his situation saddened us, we were glad that he is surrounded by people who care about him: his wife, children, and grandchildren. Through the clinic and the sponsorship, we are able to help this family take better care of him.

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