Monday, February 25, 2013

A good weekend and goodbye to a great team

The team in Haiti enjoyed a day at the beach on Saturday before they left. Some of the team left on Sunday, and the rest left this morning. They were a great, hard-working team. Mr. Genois came by and thanked the group Saturday evening. Although they leave and go home, they stay here because all their hard work stays here. A family living in a tent will move into a new house. A new sponsorship and small business office is being built. Local children, orphanage children, and Cite Soleil children were given the opportunity to have a week's worth of relief from the stresses of life where they could relax and just be a kid, and enjoy a hot meal, which they may not get at home. Sick people from all over the area were able to recieve quality free care thanks to the dedicated volunteer doctors and nurses. Brad, whose nickname in Haiti is "ti bout fè", or "little piece of iron" tackled a massive list of plumbing repairs, kitchen modifacations, and a new septic system for our office. We say a huge thank you with all our hearts for the team's valuable work.
On Saturday, Chris and Henry returned to fix a few problems with the solar panels and generator, and install electricity in the new education center. They haven't stopped working since they got here and are leaving tomorrow, having completed their work and resolved all the issues, and put in some new security lights as well. Jack and another man named Chris came by for the weekend as well and helped out with the plumbing and electricity. We are so blessed to have so many people coming and working so hard making sure that everything works well for us here at PID Haiti.

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