Friday, January 18, 2013

Where is the horse?

Today I had to go to visit a lawyer in Guatemala. Sergio and I arrived at 8 to sign some papers for land that PID is buying. Afterward we were suppose to have breakfast at his farm. It is a beautiful farm and I was excited to go. As we drove off in his truck I noticed we were going to wrong way. We stopped at a gas station so I assumed we needed fuel. The conversation quickly changed to talk about a black horse. Soon I found out the dancing , black horse of the lawyer had run away and we were looking for it. After several stops the horse was located. Then we had the task of how to get the horse back to the farm. At first the plan appeared to be to tie the horse to the bumper and let it run behind the truck. Seemed good until the horse seemed to think it was in a race with the truck. Sergio had to go in the back and then held the reins and directed the horse. When we got 1/2 way to the farm Sergio decided to ride the horse. So on bareback Sergio took off for the farm with the lawyer and I falling behind in the truck . We finally caught up to Sergio to find out somewhere on the route Sergio lost his wallet, so he continued on while we turned back to find the wallet.
1 1/2 hours later we arrived for breakfast at the farm , with the runaway horse, no wallet and a very funny

The team continued to work on filters, knitting and the clinic. Ray's missing suitcase arrived and we all talked about our day tomorrow. Everyone was tired from all the traveling and so everyone went to bed early.

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  1. This was great breakfast reading. You should have heard Jon Evans laugh. We can just picture Sergio riding bareback!!! Sorry about the wallet though...