Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Team's first 2 days of work

Greetings from Haiti, our two new teams have been busily at work. Brittany, Emily and Melissa have been working in the clinic, doing triage, seeing patients and setting up a discharge station. The work has gone smoothly and they were able to see many patients. This afternoon after work we had a rooftop exercise class led by Brittany and we all worked up a sweat.
Lynn and I , with Showty as translator, finished our second day of the new Childbirth class at Bigarade. We have 12 students and as always, they are very interested and excited about all the information. This class is especially satisfying because there are several nurses in it, so they have a basic knowledge   base already. The construction team with Milo, Molly, Simon, Sean and Debbie, are steadily starting a new house in the Blanchard neighborhood. Everyone is happy and tired after 2 days of hard work.
It is always great to return and see the progress made- the bunkhouse has a facelift, the classroom almost has a new roof, the clinic has a new wheelchair ramp. The pharmacy is well stocked and we are ready for action! As always, it is great to be here at PID Haiti. More soon, Alison

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