Saturday, January 12, 2013

Last day for the team

Today was an amazing final day in Haiti. The group split into two and half stayed here at the compound to finish the final projects. All the sifting was done and the final touches were put on the bunk house. The group says they will miss having to mix cement.  The other half of the group went out to the construction site and finished filling the foundation with rocks and dirt. The group was satisfied to look and see all the hard work they put into the new foundation. They cannot wait to come back and see the new finished house. While they were working they saw the plans being laid for the next house to be built.  They are so encouraged to see the progress happening as they thought about the families that will be blessed by this new house. The medical staff on the team had a busy day today as they saw about 45 children in the program for well child checkups.  After a busy week, the team had a relaxing second half of the day by the pool, as they took a trip to the local hotel.
The team expresses that they’ve learned so much from the people here. They have loved their stay with PID and each has encountered God in a new way here. Some things they have shared that they will miss most from the week are sitting on top of the roof of the clinic, watching the sun rise as they do devotions, all the kids and playing the hand clapping game. The memories of this trip will always stay with them, they tell me. They thank the Lord for PID and the work we are doing here. We express our sincere thanks to this team for such a wonderful week and we hope they all come back next year.

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