Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alison's last few days in Haiti

My last post from Haiti, as I head home tomorrow. The past 2 weeks have flown by!
 It is always really gratifying for me each time i am here to witness the progress in PID's medical clinic. Lizzy and i met Friday with the last group of midwives. It was unbelievable. The confidence and knowledge they gained fron the childbirth classes has allowed them to successfully attend so many births. One midwife went to 22 births since the class! Other students never attended births before, but now are assisting and doing births on their own with great outcomes. We were very proud!
In the afternoon we did a staff training and officially announced the hiring of Sultane, our new nurse, to everyone. We also went over the Red Card system, which is being reintroduced. This system ensures that the sickest patients are seen first and will not have to wait for many hours to see Dr Sem or a visiting practitioner. We have also assigned Sultane the important job of giving Tylenol to the patients who come with a simple headache, aches and pains, or menstrual cramps- another idea we hope will make the day in the clinic go smoother. Lastly, she will also be responsible for giving out a safebirth kit to any mother who is about due to give birth at home. It will be great to have the kits on hand at the clinic and we hope to provide even more safe, clean births.
I will be back in May. Until then, love Alison.

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