Friday, January 4, 2013

A solid start

Today was the first full day for the new groups in Haiti. It was a big change for them waking up to the heat and humidity but nevertheless they woke up determined to get to work. After breakfast, the majority of the group walked to the worksite where they worked all morning filling in the foundation for a house. In the clinic, one member of the Gordan college group used her knowledge of Creole to translate for the medical staff. The clinic was very busy treating the unwell population and one of the nurses learned a useful diagonostic technique that the local doctor showed her. In the afternoon, the group toured all the houses that PID has constructed over the years. Back at the worksite, despite not having enough tools or supplies, the group found ways to be productive and really started to bond and come together. After they completed the work, a few of the members of the group took on some of the local boys in a rousing game of pickup soccer. The results were marred by some controversial calls but the athletic trainer did not need to be called in to care for injuries so the match was a success. After the work day was over, everyone retired for the first, blissful shower of the trip and then enjoyed a great meal pasta and Haitian meatballs. During the group meeting, it was clear that everyone is starting to appreciate what other members of the group have to offer.

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