Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shelby has left

Yesterday we dropped Shelby off at the airport in Guatemala City. She will be spending some time at home and then returning in January for another few months. During her time here she made progress on our online database, helped organize the VBS in November, decorated the clinic with paper snowflakes, helped make the Christmas cards to be sent out to sponsors, and became part of the PID Guatemala family. I found Meli (Shelby's guatemalan mom and our pharmacist) walking in to the clinic today and I gave her a ride. When she got into my car she said "I'm sad. I used to always walk in with Shelby, but she's not here today". We'll miss you Shelby and can't wait to see you back here in January.

1 comment:

  1. Oh...Believe me...she misses you guys too!!! Thank you for all the JOY you have infused her life with. May the Lord recharge her batteries and may she come back brimming with energy and ideas from on High.