Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great end to a great week

The team in Haiti worked hard up until the very end. They were given the option of a beach trip, but they said, "as long as there is work to be done, we are here to work." Those doing construction made a lot of progress on the foundation of the house in Blanchard. They ended with a neighborhood soccer game- Haitians vs. Americans. Those working in the clinic continued to work hard as well. Some more much-needed data entry was completed by some very patient, willing team members.

The sponsorship office was very busy as well, as some of the kids that couldn't make it to the Christmas party came by to fill out their card, take their photo, and receive their gift. Many other sponsored children came through as well, to see their sponsors and receive extra gifts they carried down for them.

Tuesday night, Mr. Genois came to our team's final meeting to thank the group and remind them just how important the work is that they are doing with PID, and that God will not miss sending his blessings down on them. He showed pictures of some of the children whose lives have been transformed by the feeding program and sponsorship program. He thanked everyone for the part that they are playing in the work that PID is doing in Haiti. The group already began brainstorming ideas for how they can help with PID's party next year. When the team left early this morning, in place of "good-byes", we all said to each other, "see you next year!"

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