Saturday, December 29, 2012

A very odd day at the clinic

Usually the clinic is not open on Sat but today we decided to open because we had providers and Juvenil was home visiting his family and helped translate.

The day brought in an unusual amount of growths, tumors and abscesses and kids with 6 fingers. But the saddest was a woman who was totally disoriented. We could find nothing physically wrong and it was sad because the best plan we came up with was to feed her and let her go home.

The most difficult case of the day came by
Boat. She had been in an accident and her leg was so swollen and she was in terrible pain. The accident occurred a week before. She had been to one hospital , which turned her away because
It wasn't acute. Another Doctor said it couldn't be broken or she wouldnt be able to walk on it and sent her away. She lives
On the isle de Gonaive and finally decide to a boat and a moto to PID's clinic. Her and her companion arrived seasick .

With the ultrasound we determined possibility of a blood clot. We felt terrible for this woman who could get no service.
We gave her money and a ride to the general hospital, who also rejected her, because it was the weekend. Pouchon finally found a private hospital to take her.

It was truly an odd day at the clinic.

Dru and Billy left . All the kids and staff were so sad to see them go.

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